Red Deer®Winged Medieval Carbon Steel Knights Helmet

Red Deer®Winged Medieval Carbon Steel Knights Helmet

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Product Features

  • It is made of hand-forged 18 Gauge, low carbon mild steel
  • It is full size and wearable
  • Approx Weight: 5.77 lbs
  • Forehead Circumference: 8.20 in x 9.40 in
  • Made in India
  • 011001783328

Product Description

You're ready to take on any opponent, warrior or beast that come your way when you're protected by this. This helmet is a Spangenhelm design with fantasy wings, eye guards, shaped hinged cheek guards and neck guard. You will swear you found a long lost artifact from a real Viking stronghold as you relive the life of a Viking conquering warrior. You will be the scariest warrior on the battlefield. Includes faux leather liner. This helmet is not cheaply constructed, battle ready and well made.